We help brands
& companies move like
innovative startups

Our Services

Breakthrough Ideas,
Outstanding Execution

We are a diverse team of 40 thinkers and makers with combined mastery of the digital medium. Our value lies in concepting breakthrough ideas paired with outstanding execution across medium, touchpoint and device.

Insights & Strategy

Consumers expect a seamless experience no matter what device they use. The unique insights we uncover help shape deep brand experiences that span medium, touchpoint and device.

  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Personas
  • Solution Architecture
  • Digital Ecosystem Mapping
  • Strategic Planning
Experience Design

Design transforms strategy into highly personalized digital experiences both in store and across device—experiences that create emotional connections with customers and drive engagement.

  • Interaction Design (UI/UX)
  • Art Direction & Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • Digital Signage
  • Branding & Storytelling
  • Content & Campaigns
Engineering & Technology

We blur the lines between art and technology. Strategy and design are realized through the work of our team of technologists, working hand in hand with designers and brand visionaries.

  • Responsive Web Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Native App Development
  • Data Integration
  • Commerce
  • Content Platforms
  • Emerging Technology & Wearables
Our Approach

Context is King

Today, reaching people means thinking creatively about context.

Since 2008, Hathway has been helping global brands put useful mobile apps and brand experiences in the hands of customers at the right time and place. We turn insights from mobile and social data into innovative mobile applications, responsive web experiences, and digital products that not only engage users, but deliver real results for our clients.

Journey of Innovation

Our Method

Make it Work,
Then make it better

Light enough to operate swiftly, yet strong enough to move mountains.

Our roots are in startup culture, where being svelte drives innovation and accountability. Lean, focused and fast — it’s more than a motto, it’s the only way we know how to be. We work closely with our clients to map out business objectives and strategic goals – this is where the true journey begins.

Team Model

Our team plus your team, together.
We like to keep our clients in the loop. Actually, it’s
more than that: we collaborate daily to deliver
the best results possible.

Agile Based

Conceptualize. Produce. Test. Repeat.
Our agile methodology means we can iterate faster
and adapt to changes quicker. So your good idea
gets more awesome sooner.

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