Hathway’s co-founder and chief sales & marketing officer shares little-known insights into building your brand for a generation living on mobile

Smartphones are consumers’ constant companions. They are not only smart enough to adapt to our habits, but they are also trainable. We “train” them to tell us what we want to know and when we want to know it. We train them who we want to hear from, and when. We train them, in fact, to complement and supplement nearly every aspect of our life.

So it’s no wonder mobile is now the primary screen for nearly three hours of a person’s day, surpassing TV’s coveted spot. Our mobile “concierge” of sorts goes everywhere with us daily, and is looked at and consulted by us more than 200 times per day, according to Urban Airship.

Unrivaled by other technology, the mobile device is there at all times with info we want, where we want it, and at the exact moment we want it. It even provides instant access to friends, family and acquaintances—allowing us to maintain and nurture those relationships with incredible ease.

These relationships include the ones between a consumer and their favorite brands.

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