How do consumers really feel about your branded mobile application? We asked them ourselves, and brands need to hear what consumers said.

Your mobile app might be hurting your brand.

With the constant inundation of brands via billboards, TV commercials, website banners, Facebook ads, Instagram sponsors, etc., consumers are overwhelmed with advertisements. However, branded apps allow brands a unique opportunity to interact with their consumers in a personalized way using what they learn about them through the app, as well as by their habits and preferences.

The problem is, brands aren’t delivering on the app front as well as they could be, if at all.

A study published by Iowa State University found that many brands are too eager to publish a mobile application quickly and fail to take the time to find out what their consumers were looking for from the brand. This results in dissatisfied users who will use the app once and then become disengaged from both the app and the brand.

Mobile and loyalty go phone-in-hand.

According to the Iowa State study, many loyalty program applications, even those without in-app purchasing, drove sales from 19-48%. The success of “punch card” loyalty programs like “buy 10, get the 11th free” is described as the endowed progress effect. Even when done the old-fashioned way, these programs have shown to increase spending. Using mobile for this type of program has made them even more accessible, as people tend to keep their phones much closer than printed materials.

What customers really want from branded apps.

Mobile applications also go far beyond loyalty programs, and Hathway’s research has found exactly what consumers are looking for from their favorite brands.

Register now for our upcoming webinar, Feb. 3, 2016 at 11 a.m. PST, to hear the compelling information we’ve gleaned on the impact your branded app has on sales and consumer loyalty.

Are you positioned well for your market? Or are you missing a huge opportunity?

Either way, you’ll walk away from this webinar with insights to leverage for engaging your consumer, increasing sales, boosting loyalty and giving your brand an edge.


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