There’s more to doing great work than…well, just doing great work. Studies have proven healthy teams are more productive, and companies who implement effective corporate wellness programs are seeing positive results. In fact, a Harvard research study found that for every dollar employers spent on wellness programs, company medical costs decreased by about $3.27 and employee absenteeism related costs dropped by about $2.73. A win-win for employers and employees alike.

So, what constitutes an effective wellness program? If you ask us, a wellness program should embody a healthy living philosophy, offering flexibility and, of course, agile mobile convenience. Which is why our team is getting active with MINDBODY Connect Workplace, a wellness program that leverages mobile technology for on the go health and wellness customizability.

Leveraging Technology for Corporate Wellness

With MINDBODY Connect, employees have the freedom to create a wellness program that perfectly suits their needs. Each month, Hathway employees receive a prepaid card to spend at any MINDBODY client – whether it be a yoga studio, hair salon, masseuse, personal trainer, chiropractor, gym, or other business in the field. Additionally, finding those businesses is made simple with the MINDBODY Connect app. “It’s a great way to try out a lot of different wellness activities that I wouldn’t otherwise think to explore. I’ve bookmarked quite a few in the app I want to check out, including golf lessons and even a local ropes course,” says Marketing Manager Gary Weyel, who’s been actively participating in Hathway’s wellness program since it launched in April.

While Weyel uses MINDBODY Connect for discovering a variety of new activities, Senior Software Engineer Shawn Jones uses his credits at Gymnazo, a semi-personal functional training facility based in San Luis Obispo. “I love working out at Gymnazo. The workouts leave me feeling great, and the coaches pay special attention to my needs, which is especially helpful since I have sustained a serious injury to my leg,” says Jones. Through a partnership with Gymnazo, Hathway team members receive additional credits toward their membership when using MINDBODY Connect. Gymnazo’s coaches also bring their healthy living philosophies to the Hathway office with quarterly presentations on getting the most out of a wellness program.

Connecting Our People with Wellness

In a hyper-connected age, it can be easy to become distracted and lose track of time. However, with the right technology, it’s just as easy to stay connected. The MINDBODY Connect app makes it easy to discover and schedule activities from any mobile device. “The wellness program’s goal is to encourage employees to make time for fitness,” explains Human Resources Manager Elisabeth Pruitt, who also uses her wellness credits at Gymnazo. “Joining Gymnazo is something I never would have done on my own, had I not been given the opportunity and support through Hathway.”

Hathway’s wellness initiative has been seeing positive results, with the majority of the team utilizing their credits each month and office energy and productivity increasingly high. To add to the program, Hathway employees enjoy the added benefits of healthy office snacks, optional standing desks, and the occasional ping-pong break.

In addition to having a ping-pong table in our kitchen and being minutes from numerous health and wellness studios and facilities, our San Luis Obispo headquarters are surrounded by hiking trails, parks, bike paths, and beaches. It’s not uncommon to see a coworker riding their bike to work, coming in after a morning surf, or heading out for an after work hike –  all just another day in San Luis Obispo.

Hathway continues to celebrate its success in a community where agile is the new ‘big’ and SLO is the new ‘fast.’ Year-by-year, we’ve successfully retained and increased our dedication to building a powerful team of people who are committed to not only their personal growth, but also to delivering outstanding ideas and results for large-scale clients. We’re always looking for fresh, innovative thinkers to join our teams in SLO and San Francisco. Think you have what it takes to thrive in an active, fast-paced startup culture? Check out our current career openings.

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