Unfortunately Facebook no longer allows you to change your page name if you have more than 200 fans, so the method to combine Facebook pages described below will no longer work. However, there are ways to deal with this situation and minimize damage and keep your social media marketing campaign optimized and on track. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Do you need to change the name of your Facebook fan page, or combine two fan pages together? We found a new workaround thanks to the handy feature on Facebook that lets you merge a fan page with a place page. As far as we know, this is the only way to change your Facebook fan page name or combine two fan pages together to leverage all of your fans.

Changing Your Facebook Fan Page Name

A few months ago, we found ourselves in a tough spot. We dropped the “Tech” from our name to reflect our equal focuses on strategy, creative, and technology. Changing our domain name was easy, but changing our Facebook fan page name and vanity URL was impossible. Facebook doesn’t let you do it, which makes sense. You wouldn’t want to become a fan of “Cute Kittens” only to have the page owner change the name to something like “OJ Simpson Fan Club.” However, for the honest business owners out there, this restriction just makes things a pain.

We went ahead and created a new fan page with just our company as the name (“Hathway”), and the vanity URL facebook.com/WeAreHathway. We then enjoyed the fun task of “migrating” hundreds of fans from the old page, one by one, using a mix of event invitations, messages, page suggestions, and status updates. There things stood for a few months: two pages, two names, hundreds of fans on the old page, and comparatively less on the new page.

Enter Facebook Place Pages

When Facebook released Place pages, things started to get confusing. Of course we created and claimed the place page for our main office in San Luis Obispo, leaving us with three pages: our old fan page at facebook.com/hathwaytech, our new fan page at facebook.com/WeAreHathway, and our new Place page. We couldn’t figure out how to combine any of these facebook pages. A few weeks ago, Facebook itself came to our rescue with a handy new feature.

Merging a Place Page with a Fan Page

The merge feature can be found on the bottom left of a Place page that you manage. You can click the “merge with existing page” link to combine a fan page with the place page. This feature is pretty cool; it gives you the new layout with Place page functionality, but assumes the vanity URL and feed of the Fan page. It adds both sets of fans together, which simplifies everything for your fans. We completed the merge, leaving us with a combined Place/Fan page at facebook.com/WeAreHathway, but still with an old page at facebook.com/hathwaytech.

The Million-Dollar Breakthrough: Merging Multiple Pages

Yesterday we were playing around with our main page, and we noticed that the “merge with existing page” link was still available, even though our place and main fan page had already been merged. Just for fun, we clicked it, and selected the old Hathway Tech fan page, still with over 500 fans. Instantly it merged that page in with our existing combined page to give us a three-page combo (place, old fan page, new fan page), combining our fans but assuming the vanity url and news feed of the old Hathway Tech page (not good). We then un-merged the page, leaving us with the WeAreHathway combined place/fan page and the separate Hathway Tech page. We realized that the merge places feature always assumed the URL and feed of the last fan page that is merged, so we gave it one last try. We unmerged our place/fan combo and started from scratch. We first merged our place with the old Hathway Tech fan page, then merged it again with our new WeAreHathway fan page. Voila! Three pages in one, our desired name and URL, and the correct news feed.

Condensed Version: How to Combine Two Fan Pages or Change a Fan Page Name

  1. If you just want to combine two pages or change the name or URL of your existing fan page, follow these instructions:
  2. Get yourself a place page: It’s simple, but you must do it from a mobile device.
  3. Claim your place page: You must follow the verification process, but it shouldn’t take too long.
  4. Create your new fan page: If you haven’t done it already, create your new fan page with your desired new name. You can set the vanity URL later. If you already have created the new page or just want to combine two Facebook pages, skip this step.
  5. Merge your place with your old page: Click the “merge with existing page” link on the bottom left of your place page, then select your old page. Your place page will assume the fans, feed, and URL of your old page.
  6. Merge your combined page with your new page: Click the “merge with existing page” link on the bottom left of your combined place/fan page again, and this time select your new page.

You should now have a single page, combined from a place page and two fan pages. You’ll have the vanity URL of the newest fan page with the fans of all three. Enjoy!

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