As mobile technology has made its way into our everyday lives, traditional—and even digital—marketing strategies are quickly going by the wayside. And as technology continues to evolve, companies must shift their focus toward ‘what’s next’ by developing comprehensive mobile strategies. If they don’t? Then they risk falling behind (remember Blockbuster or Borders? We didn’t think so).

What is ‘Mobile’?

In today’s hyperconnected world, mobile is far more than just apps. With an increasing percentage of millennials becoming mobile-only, it’s clear mobile is the ‘what’s next’ medium with which to reach tomorrow’s consumers.

More marketers are realizing the value of mobile, and allocating larger mobile budgets with the realization that a comprehensive mobile strategy is of paramount importance for their company’s success. An effective strategy must consider the entire mobile ecosystem—that is, all the technologies that, when combined, create a company’s connected presence. Consumers should be able to easily recognize and interact with a company’s brand across all platforms and touchpoints, from their smartphones to their tablets and wearables.

What makes up the mobile ecosystem? A combination of technologies working together across the digital space including, but not limited to:

  • Responsive websites
  • Location-based advertising
  • Beacons
  • Push notifications
  • SMS
  • Mobile campaigns
  • Analytics and attributions
  • Connected devices
  • Internet of Things
  • Near field communication (NFC)
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • And yes, apps too.

Any number of these technologies can be integrated into a mobile strategy, ultimately improving a company’s mobility—that is, the ability to move with consumers as they navigate their everyday activities.

To excel in this crowded, competitive mobile space, companies need a digital omnipresence—to actively identify their consumers’ wants and needs, and provide them with the resources they need at the right time, in the right place. This requires driving users through targeted mobile advertising (which now accounts for 49 percent of all digital ad spending), analyzing their usage via analytics tools, and optimizing the app.

Investing in the Mobile ‘Big Picture’

Brands who only invest in apps are missing the big picture; the opportunity to provide consumers with the full mobile experience they desire.

Moreover, taking an ‘app-first’ approach rather than a ‘mobile-first’ one will, ultimately, cost more. The lower upfront cost of only developing an app can be appealing. However, brands evaluating where to invest their digital marketing budget should consider this: a mobile app without a strong mobile strategy—including marketing and optimization—is just going to sit unused in the app store and won’t drive long-term results.

The majority of smartphone users prefer mobile apps to mobile websites, yet there are more than 45,000 apps added to app stores each month. Meaning, quite frankly, it’s never going to be enough to simply develop and launch an app.

This is why it wasn’t enough for the Hathway team to simply develop an order ahead app for Jamba Juice. To truly succeed, the app needed to win consumers’ attention. So, we worked with Jamba to create a story-focused launch video featuring Jamba franchisee and San Francisco 49er Vernon Davis.

The Importance of Mobile Innovation

For your app to drive positive, long-term ROI, you must have a comprehensive, forward-thinking mobile strategy spanning across the entire mobile ecosystem. Ultimately, mobile innovation is a team effort. At Hathway, we work alongside our strategic partners to efficiently and thoroughly develop mobile strategies that help our clients move like innovative startups. The result? A mobile ecosystem that is better for both customers and business.

As mobile continues to expand and permeate consumer culture, mobile marketing will become the norm. Companies who realize the importance of mobile innovation will stay ahead ahead of the norm and win the 21st century consumer’s loyalty.

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