GEO-IP Powered Mobile AppCatch and Release 2.0

HookedBranding | Mobile App Development | Responsive Web Design

Norwegian fishermen. Augmented reality. Social web. How could it not be the best thing ever?

Hooked blends multiple digital platforms to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Designing a Digital Brand

When a tech-savvy team of Norwegian fishermen partnered with Hathway to launch an online fishing brand, it was about more than just a website. allows users to create profiles, share stories and find the perfect fishing spot through a GEO-IP powered mobile application. From branding and identity to product development, UX, web and mobile design, the Hathway team created an immersive experience that brought Norway’s fishing community together.

A go-anywhere, crowd-sourced fish finder.

Incorporating GPS mapping technology, Hooked users are encouraged to plot spots where they’ve had fishing victories or defeats. The community-mapped locations are paired with augmented reality in the Hooked mobile app, allowing users to see fishing hot (or not-so-hot) spots through their mobile device.

What could you catch with better mobile? Find out.