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Make Your Every Makeup Dream A Reality.

An app experience designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a mobile device.

As an internationally recognized brand of the world L’Oreal had to find a mobile partner who could rise to the occasion of reimagining the user experience of their already established Makeup Genius app. L’Oreal and their strategic technology partners teamed up with Hathway to redesign the Makeup Genius experience taking into careful consideration it’s international following and diversity of users around the world.

Hathway’s design team began by identifying key areas for improvement and innovation starting at it’s core with the robust live makeup applicator interface. While also bringing a cohesive vision for how this new experience would influence community and social sharing requirements of the app throughout. The new L’Oreal Makeup Genius App is a fun and engaging experience that can be clearly seen by the high averages of time spent in app by users. Download for yourself to get the full experience.

“A revolutionary virtual makeup tool.”


L’Oreal was in search of an expert mobile partner to bring their Makeup Genius app to the next level. As a widely known international brand with a substantial established app user base the stakes were high. The Makeup Genius experience needed to be rethought and reinvented from a UX perspective in-order to keep up with the rapid pace of change and expectations of mobile users around the world.


We began this project by taking a close look at the behaviors of current users to help inform the future of the product roadmap. We then began working closely with a facial recognition technology partner to explore the boundaries of what was possible. From there Hathway brought to life a robust set of new features and functionality through a clickable prototype to test and further optimize the overall experience before launching.


The end result garnered an increase in usability and an average monthly user base exceeding over 60,000 active users with more than 100,000 active Makeup Genius sessions occurring a month. The new design solution provided for a more contemporary interface with scalability kept in mind to leave room to build upon the newly established user experience.