Mobile-first Marketing CampaignENGAGING A RED BULL WORLD

Red Bull
Responsive Web Design | Social Media Campaign

A Year's Worth of Engaging Content

Creating an interactive content-driven mobile experience.

As a brand with a reputation for pushing the boundaries, Red Bull was on a quest to launch an interactive microsite to celebrate a year’s worth of engaging content from 2015. Hathway and Red Bull joined forces to launch a vibrant, mobile-first web experience that evolved over the course of 10 days, releasing new content categories and stories each day.

By releasing contagiously shareable content over a series of 2 weeks, Red Bull was able to engage a growing audience of followers and keep them coming back for more each day. Leveraging pro-athlete industry influencers and social media channels, the microsite gained serious attention and engagement, with results worth celebrating.

“A ten-day countdown to celebrate the most surprising content of 2015 from the world of Red Bull.”


Engaging new and existing Red Bull followers through a year-in-review content driven campaign. Driving substantial total traffic, as well as return visits, to boost on-going brand engagement and sharing.


Our approach was to build a captivating “Year In Review” microsite that would showcase the best of 2015 highlights from inside the world of Red Bull. We strategically released content across a ten-day schedule; while also designing a user experience meant to drive shareability and keep users coming back for more.


The campaign drove engagement success metrics data far beyond our original goals, with total traffic numbers during the ten days reaching over 100,000+ views. The Year In Review content went viral throughout various social media channels, driving traffic to the campaign microsite, as well as