Mobile-first Community PortalSame Community, Now on Mobile

TIBCOResponsive Web Design | Marketing Strategy

A New, Mobile Empowered TIBCO Community

Creating a fully responsive web experience to access everything TIBCO in just a few clicks.

Hathway teamed up with TIBCO, a company that provides integration, analytics and events processing software for companies to use as part of cloud computing environments, to reimagine their TIBCO community portal experience from a mobile perspective.

“TIBCO Community allows users to easily search an expansive content library from any device, with ease.”


TIBCO had a need to create a new platform for their communities. The goal was to address customers’ questions and leverage their insights to increase cross-product awareness & product utilization, boost productivity and, ultimately, achieve greater customer satisfaction.


Focusing on user needs and business objectives, we applied the principles of lean UX and agile development to listen and learn; then prioritize gathered user problems and pinpoint the areas that matter most. We found that creating a search-driven experience would allow users to find specifics within a mass of content faster than browsing.


The final site experience allows users to quickly search and immediately find answers to their questions. Enabling a robust global search functionality and organized content tagging system, we made it frictionless for users to quickly find exactly what they are looking for — whether on a desktop or mobile device.