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How do you seamlessly transition the web presence of a global firm into two uniquely branded platforms? That is the challenge that JDSU, a manufacturer of fiber optic products, presented to Hathway. The solution: and, a customized CMS platform designed to help Viavi address the needs of stakeholders worldwide.

Viavi provides monitoring equipment for both optical and wireless networks, as well as solutions for security and service performance. The company serves markets throughout the world, demanding a flexible, multilingual content management system that can be used by multiple teams. Our developer team’s deep knowledge of Drupal was pivotal in developing an optimal solution.

“Hathway created a flexible, customized Drupal CMS that resulted in a impressive user experience.”


Viavi’s complex set of needs required significant customization of the Drupal CMS, and the company’s global presence demanded a multilingual solution with the ability to create location-based content. Additionally, marketing requirements vary depending on the current campaign, demanding a flexible solution.


Hathway’s lean approach to developing involved evaluating existing Drupal modules first, then adapting as needed. By leveraging existing modules, our team was able to save Viavi both time and money, while still delivering a flexible CMS that met their growing needs.


The final site facilitates content production and distribution for teams on multiple continents, and our flexible campaign template supports the breadth of marketing requirements. Hathway also implemented a customized language tool, providing content control and impressive end-user experience.