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Digital Office Sign-In for iOS

Hathway helps companies think and act like startups. As part of our commitment to startup thinking, we have a dedicated in-house Innovation Team concepting new products for wearable technology and bringing original mobile apps to market. Welkio was conceived, developed and marketed from the ground up by the Hathway Innovation Team.

Welkio is a mobile sign-in software for your office. With Welkio, you can be sure that each visitor is registered properly. Collect and store names, emails and photos, as well as signatures for legal agreements -- all with an easy-to-use tablet interface. Visitors print a photo name tag and their hosts are immediately notified of their arrival.

“We love Welkio! It's been an absolutely
wonderful addition to our office.”


The initial idea for Welkio was conceived during a 24-hour Hathway Hackathon. From there, the Innovation Team faced challenges similar to other startups, including smart execution, investor relations and customer acquisition.


Hathway’s dedicated team approach and aggressive acquisition strategy helped Welkio establish a solid customer base, right out of the gate. Taking an idea from concept through delivery has given us a deep understanding of what it takes to create and launch a new app -- an understanding we bring to each new client project.


Welkio successfully addresses a common, albeit often ignored, need for businesses: outdated front-desk visitor management. Companies that use Welkio report a significant improvement in efficiency within the first month of use, thanks to a streamlined front-desk process.