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NACS Magazine: Knowing How to Begin Your Digital Transformation

May 10, 2021   |   By Natalie Richey

The title says it all — digital transformation is a scary and intimidating journey to embark on for the c-store and restaurant industries. Luckily, our VP of Strategy and Consulting, Matt Carinio, informs NACS magazine of the necessary beginning steps that help ease the transition in going digital.

Why a Digital Experience?

A digital experience is the name of the game because it offers consumers their recent favorite sentiments, convenience and value, that continue to evolve to meet the consumer’s wants. Matt describes the customer scenario perfectly by noting, “Digital allows c-stores to extend into convenience areas of digital payments that streamline purchases across multiple business categories, order-ahead food and beverage solutions and value-focused loyalty engagement models of rewards, offers and branded communications.”

How Do Retailers Incorporate Their Loyalty Program Into Mobile Food Ordering, Fuel, and So On?

This is the part of the journey where you can’t look at the big picture or else you are bound to become overwhelmed by the endless to-do list. However, Matt advises the reader that Hathway’s Digital Transformation Playbook integrates consulting, digital experiences, and growth marketing solutions that will ultimately help your company in managing the foundation of your business.

Should Convenience Retailers Look To Other Channels When Considering The Best Go-To-Market Strategies That Drive Loyalty?

Surprisingly, convenience retailers won’t need to look anywhere if they understand their customer’s mission and end goal. By analyzing the customer journey, you can tailor your marketing strategies within your loyalty program to fit the customer’s needs so considering alternate channels isn’t vital.

Why Is a Customized Digital Experience So Critical?

A customized digital experience is a huge opportunity for your brand to differentiate and become more well-known among the vast number of competitors. Customers will begin to feel an emotional connection to your brand beyond the logos, colors, and images that will keep them coming back for more.

Is It True That Continued Engagement With Customers Is Needed to Drive Continued Customer Lifetime Value?

Without a doubt, yes! A customer journey doesn’t end when you get your loyalty program successfully up and running — a customer journey continues to evolve throughout the customer’s life to increase the overall brand affinity. Matt makes a great point in that, “Loyalty isn’t attained through a single interaction between customer and brand — it requires cultivation and nurturing.”