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VIDEO: Women in QSR Marketing, A Bounteous Fireside Chat

May 3, 2022   |   By Davina van Buren

On Wednesday April 20, Tracey Ayres, VP of Papa Murphy’s and Danielle Parra, SVP/CMO of FOCUS Brands, joined Katie O’Dell, VP of Accounts at Bounteous for an online fireside chat. The panel, entitled, “Women in QSR Marketing,” showed that there is plenty of room for women at the QSR table. In fact, they’re often sitting at the head of it. 

After a brief dive into some of the impressive companies both women list on their resumés, the conversation turned to digital. Both Papa Murphy’s and FOCUS Brands are heavily investing in digital experiences. 

Ayres led a brand transformation that empowered Papa Murphy’s to redefine its voice and personality and attract more millennial family customers—a market segment who demands digital options. Said Ayres: “Our focus is striving to deliver the same personalized relationship online that we’ve always given in stores.” 

For FOCUS Brands—who has a lofty goal of 50 percent of all sales coming from digital channels by 2027—digital transformation is also at the heart of current operation. But, Parra says, brands should not take on “digital for digital’s sake.” Instead, they must create experiences that bring true value.

“Food plays such a central role in consumers’ lives,” Parra explained. “We’re always thinking about how customer insights obtained from research and data science can inform a meaningful, emotional connection to our customers.” 

These two powerhouse executives prove that women are an integral part of brand innovation in the restaurant industry. Check out the videos to learn more about their professional journeys and the exciting projects on the horizon for Papa Murphy’s and FOCUS Brands.