As the largest and longest-running corporate supported reading program for elementary students, BOOK IT! is now fostering its next generation of program alumni.


For over 30 years, the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program has encouraged children to discover a passion for reading. Each school year millions of K-6 students are given the opportunity to earn free personal pan pizzas by reaching individual reading goals set by their teacher. While the children were delighted with the fun and delicious benefits, BOOK IT! administrators were feeling the strain of a program that relies on a manual enrollment process and runs completely on paper. Those frustrations in combination with the rising costs associated with operating such a manual program motivated their team to explore offering a digital version.


BOOK IT! was interested in automating its enrollment process and offering a digital option to accompany the longstanding paper version of their program. Seeking guidance for the best approach to these initiatives, Hathway came on as their strategic partner. We took a multi-phased approach to discover what problems we wanted to solve, visualize how our solution would look and function, and execute on a shared vision.


During our on-site strategy workshop we identified the wants and needs of three groups of program participants — teachers, BOOK IT! administrators and parents. We used those learnings to create personas, define user stories and develop customer journeys across illustrated experience maps. Over 6,000 existing program participants were surveyed to help guide the direction for the digital version of the program. Their feedback on what they like about the program, how they use it and overall level of interest in transitioning to digital allowed us to anticipate user challenges and opportunities in the early stages of the project.


After the “what” and “how” were determined in the strategy phase, we were able to explore the UX with functional specifications for the entire experience. The design workshop allowed us to conduct a brand audit, determine brand pillars and review mood boards to help guide motion and color decisions.

In preparation for a seamless handoff from the design to the development team, we created a UI toolkit, site architecture diagram and all technical specifications with annotated designs. These documents allowed us to save time and budget during the UI phase while still providing clear direction to developers.


In coordination with the Pizza Hut cloud and IT teams, we worked to ensure the new site would fit within their infrastructure and integrate with approved partners. To minimize the need for user training and create consistency across the program experience, we built the BOOK IT! website on Drupal — the same tool used to maintain their marketing site. With this content management system (CMS), the team can easily access and edit the majority of their site’s content, keeping it fresh and accurate.


While our teams are in the early phases of gathering quantitative results from the recent launch of the website and digital program, we anticipate a strong adoption rate based on the excitement expressed in the survey responses and the website’s ease of use. In the end, automated enrollment and the paperless version of the program simplify the process for participants and the BOOK IT! team, contributing to continued program growth for years to come.


  • Customer experience strategy
  • Product strategy and planning
  • Ecosystem strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Responsive web and mobile development
  • UX/UI strategy and design
  • Drupal CMS implementation & training